Snap Nation Is Born

Snap Nation Is Born

That's right folks, Snappies is a go! Who are we? What do we do? Are we going to get sued by Snapple?

Well, hopefully no to that last one.

Snappies was born out of a simple idea. A complaint, really. Why, with all the snapback hats of the world, were there no hats with something other than cheap, plastic straps? If you ever wear your snapbacks backwards, you know how annoying that plastic straps can be for your forehead. Ain't nobody got time for that.

So rather than complain, we did something about it. We decided to change things up and introduce to the world a whole new kind of snapback. 

Snap Nation Snapback

And so here we are. 

Sure, we're small, but so is Tom Cruise - and you don't see that stopping him. Our mission, though, is anything but small. We're looking to change the definition of snapbacks and offer you - the hat lovers of the world - a cap you deserve.

Did we bite off more than we can chew? Probably. But we're gonna make it happen - one hat at a time. 

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