The Snappies Credo

Snappies Live Different Credo

Snappies doesn't want to be just another hat company. Life isn't about sticking to a formula; it's about being bold and living different. We keep that same motto for our caps.

We dig snapbacks, but don't believe people have to settle for uncomfortable plastic straps and conventional caps. After testing, tweaking, and prototyping, we created a whole new kind of snapback. One that uses leather and brass snaps - giving a better fit and more comfort.

Not only that, but we thought it was about time modern hats had a little more style, pizazz, and hootspa.

So, we decided to do something about it.

Our mission is simple:

Provide a better snapback hat that's so fabulous it should have a show on Bravo.

Snappies wants to change the way people think of snapbacks. Sure, sounds hard - but we're doing it one hat at a time. We use only the best materials, like brass, Top Grain leather, and suede - because don't you deserve it?

Life is way too short to be like everyone else and here at Snappies, we don't have the patience to make hats like everyone else.

So really, that's it. You keep rocking and doing you. As for the rest - we got your back.


Snappies Snapback Cap Logo